What is codependency?

Codependency is a condition developed by people who live with addicts or who are generally immersed in prolonged situations of high emotional stress. These people have become used to living in emotionally damaging situations, without an adequate environment to express feelings. They have been gradually adapting to sick situations in the only possible way; getting sick. They end up suffering from a pathology that consists of behavior patterns such as controlling, rescuing or pleasing the people with whom they are related;

They seem effective in alleviating the stress they are experiencing, but in reality produce great emotional suffering, a feeling of inner emptiness, and general discomfort. This pathology does not disappear because the condition that originated it no longer exists. Normally, this discomfort that is felt manifests itself in problems in relating to other people and to ourselves. This means that we experience symptoms such as anxiety, obsession, fear, jealousy, stress, irritation, dissatisfaction, lack of sense or confusion, among many others.

Treat your Codependency in Reconnect

It’s common to be embarrassed and bewildered when you realize that you don’t feel good about yourself and that you don’t know how to fix it. It is difficult to ask for help, especially when we do not know what is happening to us, and we tend to blame ourselves for not being able to better manage our lives. However, when we try to deal with the addiction of others or our own discomfort without specialized help, we are frequently making the situation worse.

In order to get an idea of ​​whether this type of treatment might be what you need, you can take our codependency test and / or contact us directly. In reconnect we will study your case and offer you the necessary guidance so that you can learn to know what to do when faced with the addiction of a close friend, or how to achieve a healthier and more satisfying relationship with yourself and with the world around you.

By contacting us, either by phone, email or our web form, you will be attended directly by the therapists with total discretion and confidentiality.


Codependency Test

This test is not a clinical diagnosis. However, it is a very useful orientation tool so that you can draw your own conclusions and get an idea of ​​whether you would like to receive specialized help.
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