It's hard for me to identify my feelings

It's hard for me to express my feelings

I find it difficult to create close relationships

I feel that everything has to be correct at all times

If everything is not done in a certain way, I feel that something is wrong

I don't like change

I feel like I have to take responsibility for other people's behavior or feelings

Sometimes I worry so much about a decision that I get stuck or spend hours at night mulling it over

Sometimes I feel like nothing I do makes any difference

I feel bad about myself a lot of the time

I have a feeling that I fail in most of what I do

I'm very jealous

I put the needs of others ahead of mine, even if that hurts me

I need a lot of reassurance to feel good about myself

I find it hard to be apart from the people I love

I often feel like I'm worthless

tend to idealize and then demonize the person I love, even on the same day

When I am unhappy, I drink, I take drugs, I overeat, I buy compulsively, I have risky sex, I play, or I behave in other inappropriate ways that I later regret

I am often so afraid of bad things happening to my loved ones that I tend to be overprotective.

When I am in a relationship I want to be with the person 24 hours a day. This causes many times to accuse me of hoarding

I find it hard to trust people

People tend to take advantage of me when I do things for them

It is not ok to do things for me; that's being selfish

In the family where I grew up I was expected to be an ideal child

It's better if I don't talk about my personal problems

When I do things only for myself, I feel guilty

If I just try harder, I know things will get better

If I don't take care of things, they won't be done

Codependency Test
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