Centro Terapéutico Reconectar
Tratamiento de Adicciones
y Codependencia en Las Palmas


Our treatments, codependency treatment and addiction treatment, are outpatient. This means that in most cases we can treat addictions without hospitalization, combining it with work, studies and other activities, at a much lower cost than closed treatment (with hospitalization).


Addiction treatment, with or without substance, is carried out in individual sessions with the therapist, resulting in high levels of effectiveness, flexibility and confidentiality. The same professional will attend to you at all times, since the alliance between patient and therapist is a cornerstone of our method.


The treatments are structured and planned in a completely personalized way, combining to a varying degree the Minnesota Model, Cognitive therapy and behavioral and motivational techniques according to the specific characteristics and needs of each patient.

Our methodology

Reconectar is an addiction treatment center in Las Palmas, dedicated to the treatment of all kinds of dependencies, especially substance addiction and codependency.

We use an open and personalized addiction treatment method, based on the Minnesota model and cognitive therapy.

Thanks to him, our patients achieve a vital change that allows them to transcend their problematic behavior patterns without having to completely interrupt their work and family life.

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Addiction treatment

A new perspective

Addiction is a disease whose main symptom is the inability to stop substance abuse or behavior despite experiencing problems in various areas of life. To achieve lasting change, it is necessary to work with the person’s way of thinking and achieve a profound change of perspective. This change in life will allow you to give up the habit that is causing you problems, and above all, enjoy a higher quality of life that will be reflected in relationships and other personal areas.

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Co-dependency treatment

Self-esteem and freedom

Codependency is a condition developed by people who have been immersed in prolonged situations of high emotional stress. These people have become accustomed to living in emotionally damaging situations, using behavioral strategies that have served to withstand dramatic situations but that now produce a feeling of emptiness, low self-esteem and lack of freedom. We work with our patients to help them acquire and use new tools of life and thought that allow them to live more satisfactorily and enjoy your relationships.

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You can find out right now if you have a dependency.

It is often hard to accept that we have an addiction because we think that stopping is simply a matter of will power. However, abuse is only a symptom of a pathology called addiction that, like any pathology, requires treatment. The moment we recognize that we have a problem, the solution begins.

Do I have an addiction?

Do you suspect you might have an addiction problem? Take a few minutes to do our addiction test without obligation.

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Am I addicted to technology?

Don’t you control the use of social networks, instant messaging, internet, smartphones, gaming, etc? you could have an addiction. Find out with our test.

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Am I codependent?

Do you feel identified when reading what has been said about codependency? You may have a problem even if you are not aware of it.

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“As soon as an addict accesses a deeper form of satisfaction than is possible through self-destructive behavior, the way out will naturally open before him.”

Deepak Chopra, doctor, writer and lecturer

“I simply convinced myself that for some mysterious reason I was invulnerable and would not be hooked. But the addiction does not negotiate and little by little it spread inside me like the fog.”

Eric Clapton, Musician

“The mindset and behavior of addicts and alcoholics is totally irrational until you understand that we are completely powerless in the face of our addiction, and that unless we have structured help, we have no hope.”

Russell Brand, humorist, actor and presenter

“The best way out is always through.”

Robert Frost, Poet

“A deep sense of love and belonging is an irreplaceable need for all people. We are biologically, cognitively, physically, and spiritually programmed to love, be loved, and belong. When those needs are not met, we don’t function as we should. We break. We fell apart. We get numb. We feel pain. We cause pain to others. We got sick.”

Brené Brown, Academic and writer

You need to reconnect

Little by little, it has been gaining ground, and despite the fact that for a long time you have tried to justify its presence, and to find a thousand excuses for not ending it, you begin to discover that it negatively affects your life. Relationships with others are deteriorating, everything around you is disordered based on that recurring thought. In your case, it may be a substance, or it may be a particular behavior: gambling, sex, the internet … Or maybe it is someone else. That does not matter. You only know that this fixation has turned into something tortuous and harmful. In some moments you would like to stop it, but you do not know how, and you feel that you will not have the necessary strength and courage to face what is happening to you. Do you know that you have an addiction ?, or do you only suspect it ?. You need to look for some peace inside to find the strength and stand up to your discomfort. You need to take action to get back to feeling good about yourself and happy with your surroundings.