Cocaine addiction Las Palmas

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Cocaine is a hard drug camouflaged after an image of glamor and fun. Cocaine use is “recreational” for a very short time, so those who have spent years using it almost certainly are developing serious problems in their lives.

Cocaine addiction …

We tend to think that our problems do not have to do with it, rather, the use of cocaine is what helps us cope with them, but it is not. Cocaine use causes family, economic, work, sexual, physical, social, mental and emotional problems.

In the treatment of Cocaine Addiction Reconnect:

We help people understand how these difficulties are directly or indirectly related to cocaine use and how they can change their habit.
We help you progress towards the life you really want to have.
The treatment of cocaine addiction that we offer is compatible with family and work life, without hospitalization.

Call us and you can speak directly to a therapist who specializes in problems related to cocaine dependence.

Our therapeutic Center is located in Las Palmas.